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 Chess Books

Chess Results, 1961-1963
A Comprehensive Record with 938 Tournament Crosstables and 108 Match Scores, with Sources by Gino Di Felice

McFarland & Company,Inc.,Publishers Box 611
Jefferson,North Carolina 28640.

438 pages
Price $49.95
ISBN  978-0-7864-7572-8

The chess researcher Gino Di Felice comes in this book with a impressive record of 938 Tournament Crosstables and 108 Match Scores all with sources and eventual sponsors.
This all makes it a very important reference work of men’s chess competitions, strange enough there are no references to woman chess tournaments but maybe Gino Di Felice is working on a special “Nachtrag” as the famous Bilguer once did?
The work in the book is unbelievable for example the New York {USA},VII-XI 1961-“Bruno Forsberg Memorial’ Tournament is covered with 141 entries, source is Chess Life 1961 page 233.
Between the lines I found forgotten chess player as the chess amateur GH Kets from Doetinchem Gelderland,who even made chess theory with the line 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 a6 3.c4 Nc6 4.d4 cxd4 5.Nxd4 Nf6 6.Nc3 e5 7.Nf5 d5 8.cxd5 Bxf5 9.exf5 Nd4 10.Bd3 Nxd5 11.0-0 Bb4 12.Be4 Nxc3 13.bxc3 Bxc3 14.Rb1 0-0 15.Qg4 Qd6 16.Rd1 Rac8 17.h4 and Rg3,please see Theorie der Schaakopeningen and ECO B first edition from Beograd.
Many of these chess lovers come back to life in this book and that makes it all a superb read!                            

Chess Results, 1964-1967
A Comprehensive Record with 938 Tournament Crosstables and 108 Match Scores, with Sources by Gino Di Felice
McFarland & Company,Inc.,Publishers Box 611
Jefferson,North Carolina 28640.

549 pages
Price $49.95
ISBN 978-0-7864-7573-5

1964 – 1967 comes with 1204 crosstables and 158 match scores plus the interesting sources and not to forget the useful indexes
of events and index of players.
Here we can follow a talented chess player as Jan Timman who reached in 1964  a fourth place in the Dutch Junior Championship of
1964,that time Kerkhoff,van Baarle  and Damen played just a little better.
Leo Kerkhoff was a great talent who died to early in 2007.
1965 was the year for Robert Hartoch who reached a second place in the World Junior Championship of 1965 in Barcelona.
In the Final B group I found the great talent Duncan Suttles where some did believe a new Aaron Nimzowitch was arisen
with his creeping around the edges play.
That time we see in the 14th USSR Junior Championship a great talent named Anatly Karpov.
In the USA Amateur Championship I found a list of 216 entries.
Conclusion: Impressive!
Also available as e book!

Vassily Ivanchuk
100 Selected Games
by Nikolay Kalinichenko

New in Chess
317 pages
Price € 28,95
ISBN: 978-90-569-1427-1

Vasily Ivanchuk born 1969 is from the Ukraine and is one of the most talented player of the last 30 year,his openings knowledge is legendary and his speed is unbelievable.
But he never made it to world number one but this is not a lack of talent,this man is  gifted with talent but takes losses sometimes to hard.
So I am very pleased to announce this lovely collection of 100 selected games compiled and analysed by Nikolay Kalinichenko who holds the grandmaster title in correspondence chess.
Nikolay Kalinchenko presents over 100 of Ivanchuk’s best and most instructive games all readable analysed with a lot of instructive text,highly recommended for ambitious upcoming club players.
There is a lot to learn from Ivanchuk a man who did grow up with thegames from Alekhine and Botvinnink,and who was a great fan of the  openings books from Paul Keres.
Alexey Suetin who had worked with Ivanchuk at training sessions, emphasised his speed of thought, phenomenal memory and combinational sharpness compared with the young Tal.
From the games in this book I would like to show the reader Ivanchujk his impressive win on Grischuk:
Ivanchuk,Vassily (2748) - Grischuk,Alexander (2756) [B97]
RUS-chT 17th Dagomys (7), 08.04.2010
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Bg5 e6 7.f4 Qb6 8.Qd2 Qxb2 9.Rb1 Qa3 10.f5 Nc6 11.fxe6 fxe6 12.Nxc6 bxc6 13.Be2 Be7 14.0-0 0-0 15.Rb3 Qc5+ 16.Kh1 d5 17.e5 Nd7 18.Rxf8+ Kxf8 19.Be3 Qa5 20.Bg4 Ke8 21.Bxe6 Nc5 22.Bxc5 Qxc5 23.Bxc8 Rxc8 24.Qd3 Qc4 25.Qf3 Kd8 26.Qf7 Qh4 27.Rb1 Qh6 28.Nxd5 cxd5 29.Qxd5+ Ke8 30.Rd1 Rc7 31.Qa8+ Kf7 32.Rf1+ Ke6 33.Qxa6+ Kd7 34.Rd1+ Ke8 35.e6 Bd8 36.Qb5+ Ke7 37.Qb4+ 1-0,the blow with 30.Rd1 is impressive.
Conclusion: This is a fascinating chess book!

The Grand Prix Attack
Fighting the Sicilian with an early f4
by Evgeny Sveshnikov

New in Chess
251 pages
Price € 24,95
ISBN: 978-90-569-1417-2

The Grand Prix Attack was popularised during the 1980s on the British chess scene and that time the white players went for direct kingside attack, but as we can learn from the 2.f4 expert Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov there is also a positional treatment of this line.
The move 2.f4 was played successfully a number of times by Alexander McDonnell,England’s strongest player in the first third of the 19th century,in his first  match game against the great French player,Louis-Charles Mahe de la Bourdonnais London 1834.
Many prefer to handle the Grand Prix with the central blow with 1.e4 c5 2.f4 d5 3.exd5 Qxd5? But Sveshnikov suggests for black the more reliable 3…Nf6! As we can see in the game Sveshnikov against Loek van Wely,Moscow 2003: 1.e4 c5 2.f4 d5 3.exd5 Nf6 4.Bb5+ Nbd7 5.c4 a6 6.Ba4 b5 7.cxb5 Nxd5 8.Nc3 N7b6 9.Nf3 Nxc3 10.dxc3 Qxd1+ 11.Bxd1 axb5
And Sveshnikov writes:The sharp complications have ended very quickly,and already after 11 moves,we have a quiet endgame on th eboard.White’s chances should be somewhat better:he has three pawns against two on the queenside and the black pawns on this part of the board are also somewhat vulnerable.
A new idea from Sveshnikov is 8.Ne2!? which he tried not so long ago against his son in a tournament game.
Pleasant to mention in this book are the large amount of new ideas as for example: 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.f4 g6 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Bc4 Nc6 6.d3 Nf6 7.0-0 0-0 8.f5 gxf5 9.Qe1 Nb4!? 10.Qg3 Kh8 11.Rb1 Nxc2 12.Qh4 Be6 13.Ng5 with a unclear position.
Conclusion: This is a super openings book! 

                                                                                                                                    Chess DVD's

Training / Opening / Friztrainer
Tactics - from Basics to Brilliance Vol. 4
by Valeri Lilov
Price Euro 29.90
Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard

This time FM Valeri Lilov likes it sharp and comes with a wealth of instructive games on openings as the King’s Gambit,Vienna and Two
Knights Defence but there is more as we can see in the following Latvian game: Petrov - Mordvinov [C40]
cor., 1982 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 3.Nxe5 Qf6 4.d4 d6 5.Nc4 fxe4 6.Be2 c6 7.d5 Ne7 8.Nc3 cxd5 9.Nxe4 Qe6 10.Ncxd6+ Kd8
11.Ng5 Qf6 12.Ngf7+ Kd7 13.Bg4+ Kc6 14.Qd3 a6 15.Ne8 Qxf7 16.Qc3+ Kb6 17.Be3+ Kb5 18.a4# 1-0,a pity that black played 6…c6?.
Included on this DVD is the famous Steinitz,William - Von Bardeleben,Curt [C54]
Hastings Hastings (10), 1895
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 exd4 6.cxd4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 d5 8.exd5 Nxd5 9.0-0 Be6 10.Bg5 Be7
11.Bxd5 Bxd5 12.Nxd5 Qxd5 13.Bxe7 Nxe7 14.Re1 f6 15.Qe2 Qd7 16.Rac1 c6 17.d5 cxd5 18.Nd4 Kf7
19.Ne6 Rhc8 20.Qg4 g6 21.Ng5+ Ke8 22.Rxe7+ Kf8 23.Rf7+ Kg8 24.Rg7+ Kh8 25.Rxh7+ Kg8 26.Rg7+ Kh8
27.Qh4+ Kxg7 28.Qh7+ Kf8 29.Qh8+ Ke7 30.Qg7+ Ke8 31.Qg8+ Ke7 32.Qf7+ Kd8 33.Qf8+ Qe8 34.Nf7+ Kd7 35.Qd6# 1-0.
Running time is 4 hours 12 minutes.
Conclusion: Every local chess player  must be aware of games like these!  

Training / Opening / Friztrainer
The ABC of the Bogo Indian
by Andrew Martin
Price Euro 27.90
Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard 

Andrew Martin comes with a impressive 4 hours and 40 minutes coverage of the Bogo-Indian 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Bb4,named after Efim Bogoljubow who played it regularly in the 1920s.
The opening is also called the Bogoljubow Defence.White most ambitious plan comes with 4.Nbd2 and as we can see on the video files this line is well explained with a latest game.
Grooten,Herman (2318) - Ernst,Sipke (2548) [E11]
NED-chT 1213 Netherlands (7.1), 09.03.2013
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Bb4+ 4.Nbd2 d5 5.Qa4+ Nc6 6.a3 Bxd2+ 7.Bxd2 Ne4 8.Rd1 0-0 9.e3 Bd7 10.Qc2 Be8 11.Bc1 a5 12.Bd3 f5 13.Ng1 Qh4 14.Nf3 Qe7 15.Ne5 Nxe5 16.dxe5 Nc5 17.b3 a4 18.b4 Nxd3+ 19.Qxd3 Bh5 20.Rd2 f4 21.exf4 Rxf4 22.cxd5 Bg6 23.Qb5 Re4+ 24.Re2 Rd8 25.Rxe4 Bxe4 26.0-0 exd5 27.f3 Bg6 28.Re1 b6 29.Qxa4 Qe6 30.Bg5 Rd7 31.b5 d4 32.Qa8+ Be8 33.Qc8 h6 34.Bd2 Kh7 35.a4 d3 36.Re4 Bf7 37.Qf8 Bg6 38.Re1 Rd4 39.Qa3 Bf7 40.a5 bxa5 41.Qxa5 Rc4 42.h3 Qd5 43.Re3 Rc2 44.g4 Be6 45.Qb4 Bd7 46.Kf2 Bxb5 47.e6 Be8 48.Ke1 c5 49.Qb8 c4 50.Qxe8 c3 51.Qa4 Rxd2 52.e7 Rh2 53.Kf1 c2 54.Qa3 d2 55.Kg1 d1Q+ 56.Kxh2 Q5d2+ 57.Kg3 g5 0-1
Pleasant to mention are Martin his well thought repertoire suggestions for both side of the boards.
The Bogo-Indian is a very solid opening  and it offers room for originality and possibilities for new ideas.
Conclusion: The Bogo-Indian offers the reader a lot of room for originality!           

Training / Opening / Friztrainer
Attacking with the Benko Gambit - Part 2
by Alejandro Ramirez
Price Euro 27.90
Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard 

Alejandro Ramirez offers the user of this DVD a complete repertoire for black after the move 1.d4 and where white avoids the move 2.c4 or after 2.c4 c5 avoids the move 3.d5.
Here I found interesting lines as the Tromp with 2…Ne4: Kireev,Al (2360) - Zwardon,V (2231) [A45]
Karvina Open Karvina CZE (4.8), 05.07.2011
1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5 Ne4 3.Bh4 g5 4.f3 gxh4 5.fxe4 c5 6.e3 Bh6 7.Kf2 cxd4 8.exd4 Nc6 9.Nc3 Rg8 10.Nf3 d6 11.h3 Bf4 12.Bc4 Bg3+ 13.Kf1 e6 14.Ne2 Qf6 15.c3 Bd7 16.Nxg3 Rxg3 17.Qe2 0-0-0 18.Qf2 Rdg8 19.Rh2 e5 20.d5 Ne7 21.Nd2 [21.Qxa7 Bxh3 22.Qa8+ Kc7 23.Qa5+ Kb8] 21...Qh6 22.Ke1 f5 23.Be2 Kb8 24.Bf3 Qf4 25.Rh1 Rf8 26.Rf1 Bb5 27.c4 fxe4 28.Nxe4 Bxc4 29.Rh1 Rg6 0-1.
As we can learn from Ramirez black does not have to fear the Colle: Apicella,M (2553) - Lautier,Joel (2672) [A48]
FRA-ch Chartres (8), 23.08.2005
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 3.c3 b6 4.Bf4 g6 5.e3 Bg7 6.Nbd2 0-0 7.Be2 Bb7 8.0-0 d6 9.h3 Nbd7 10.Bh2 Qc7 11.b4 Rfc8 12.Rc1 Bh6 13.Nc4 Bd5 14.Qd2 Qb7 15.Qb2 Ne4 16.bxc5 dxc5 17.Rfd1 Nef6 18.Qa3 a6 19.Ncd2 c4 20.Qb2 b5 21.a4 Nb6 22.axb5 Na4 23.Qb1 axb5 24.Ne1 Bc6 25.Qc2 Nd5 26.Nb1 Nxe3 27.fxe3 Bxe3+ 28.Kh1 Be4 29.Bf3 Bxc2 30.Nxc2 Qxf3 31.gxf3 Bxc1 32.Rxc1 Ra5 33.Nb4 Nb2 34.Nd2 Nd3 35.Rb1 Nxb4 36.Rxb4 Ra3 37.Rxb5 Rxc3 38.Rb1 Rd3 39.Ne4 Rxf3 40.Kg2 Rd3 41.Bg1 c3 42.Nc5 Rd2+ 43.Kf3 c2 44.Rc1 Ra8 45.Be3 Ra3 0-1.
Conclusion: A killing repertoire line!!  

Training / Opening / Friztrainer
The English Hedgehog Defence
by Lubomir Ftacnik
Price Euro 27.90
Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard 

The well known Lubomir Ftacnik deals in his latest ChessBase Openings DVD with the secrets and strategies of the Hedgehog which is described as cramped, defensive and difficult to attack.
Ftacnik does it al with 20 video files where you shall find around 51 games and it only takes a small four hours of your time!
A smassing example is the following game van de legendary Tal: Hort,Vlastimil - Tal,Mihail [A30]
Havana ol (Men) fin-A Havana (1), 1966
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.Nc3 e6 4.g3 b6 5.Bg2 Bb7 6.0-0 Be7 7.d4 cxd4 8.Nxd4 Bxg2 9.Kxg2 Qc8 10.Qd3 Nc6 11.Nxc6 Qxc6+ 12.e4 0-0 13.Bd2 Rac8 14.b3 Rfd8 15.Qf3 a6 16.Rfe1 d6 17.Rac1 Qb7 18.Qe2 Rb8 19.a4 Rbc8 20.Bf4 h6 21.Rcd1 d5 22.exd5 Bb4 23.Bd2 exd5 24.Qf3 Bxc3 25.Bxc3 Ne4 26.Bd2 f5 27.cxd5 Rxd5 28.Be3 Rc3 29.Rxd5 Qxd5 30.Rd1 Qe6 31.Rd8+ Kh7 32.Rf8 Nf6 33.b4 Rb3 34.a5 bxa5 35.bxa5 Ra3 36.Ra8 Nd5 37.Rf8 f4 38.Rxf4 Nxf4+ 39.Qxf4 Rxa5 40.h4 Qd5+ 0-1.
Conclusion: This DVD really helps you to understand the Hedgehog!

Training / Middlegame / Fritztrainer
Ask the pieces
by Dr. Karsten Müller& Stefan Becker
Price Euro 27.90
Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard

Grandmaster Karsten Müller and his companion  Stefan Becker don’t only provide you with some fascinating masterpieces but above all they explain you the power of
the pieces and how to make advantage of it.
Karsten Müller belongs to the world’s best endgame experts so it is clear you shall find some lessons on this subject but there arte also highly instructive 
games as the  one from Bobby Fischer against Robert Byrne: Byrne,Robert Eugene - Fischer,Robert James [D71]
USA-ch New York (3), 18.12.1963
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3 c6 4.Bg2 d5 5.cxd5 cxd5 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.e3 0-0 8.Nge2 Nc6 9.0-0 b6 10.b3 Ba6 11.Ba3 Re8 12.Qd2 e5 13.dxe5 Nxe5
14.Rfd1 Nd3 15.Qc2 Nxf2 16.Kxf2 Ng4+ 17.Kg1 Nxe3 18.Qd2 Nxg2 19.Kxg2 d4 20.Nxd4 Bb7+ 21.Kf1 Qd7 22.Qf2 Qh3+
23.Kg1 Re1+ 24.Rxe1 Bxd4 25.Re3 Bxe3 26.Qxe3 Qg2# 0-1,Fischer called later that Byrne’s resignation after 21…Qd7 ‘a bitter
disappointment”. In 1998 the British Chess Magazine listed 23…Re1+ as one of the greatest moves ever played,even through it was never played.
The following game shows us how powerful a small pawn can be: Sakelsek,Tadej (2378) - Braun,Arik (2473) [B48]
EU-chT U18 Obrenovac (5.2), 14.07.2004
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be3 Nc6 7.Qd2 Nf6 8.0-0-0 Bb4 9.f3 Ne7 10.Nde2 d5 11.a3 Ba5 12.Bg5 dxe4
13.Bxf6 gxf6 14.Qh6 f5 15.Qf6 Ng6 16.fxe4 f4 17.g3 Bd7 18.gxf4 Bxc3 19.bxc3 Qd8 20.Qxd8+ Rxd8 21.e5 Bc6 22.Rxd8+ Kxd8
23.Rg1 Ke7 24.Bg2 Bxg2 25.Rxg2 Rc8 26.Rf2 Rc4 27.Kb2 Re4 28.Kb3 b5 29.Kb2 h5 30.Kb3 h4 31.Kb2 Kd7 32.Kb3 Kc6
33.Nd4+ Kd5 34.f5 Nxe5 35.fxe6 fxe6 36.Rf8 Nc4 37.Rd8+ Nd6 38.Rf8 e5 39.Nf3 Rf4 40.Rxf4 exf4 41.Nxh4 Ke4 42.c4 Nxc4 43.a4 Ne5 44.axb5 axb5 45.Kc3 b4+ 46.Kxb4 Ng6 47.Nxg6 f3 0-1
Conclusion: This DVD is super instructive!  

ChessBase Magazine extra issue 154 Extra
July  2013
Videos by Dejan Bojkov,Valeri Lilov & Lawrence Trent

ISSN 1432-8992
Euro 12.99

This latest ChessBase Magazine Extra the one with no comments to the games comes with 31.924 entries, all played between April and June of this year.
The video files come from Dejan Bojkov who shows us a game played by Bent Larsen,
against Suetin, from Copenhagen 1965.
Lawrence Trent is good for a interesting Tromp game and Valeri Lilov goes back in time with  the game - Karpov-Spassky, Leningrad 1974.
A super instructive game!
Conclusion: Super material for a bargain price!